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When I watched James and the Giant Peach for the first time when I was about seven, I hated peaches. HATED them. But seeing the scene where James reaches his little hands into the giant peach and takes his first bite of the juicy fruit really made me want to like them. For the next seven or so years, I tried to build up my tolerance for the fuzzy fruit. I know this all sounds weird; it sounds weird to me too now that I know how delicious they are.

On another note, yesterday was another fabulously boring day in the suburb I call home. I’m living alone in my house for the time being and didn’t have any plans with friends for the day, so I ended up feeling like a soccer mom….without the kids. I swam a few laps, ran a few errands and, when I decided I wanted to bake something, ran to the grocery store to get some ingredients. Peaches were on the list, of course!

Trader Joe’s is selling boxes of 12 beautiful peaches right now, so that worked out perfectly. I got this recipe for peach cobbler bars from Sophistimom, which felt especially fitting yesterday considering my soccer mom-antics.

These bars came out great! I shared them with my neighbors (both of whom proclaimed that they were going to eat a bar after dinner with a scoop of ice cream. Yum!) and a couple of friends. My friends, Brett and Brianne, each ate 3+ bars and took a bunch home to their families, so I’ll take that as a sign that they enjoyed them. Try em out on your friends if you’re looking for a yummy summertime dessert.


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