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As a contrast to my last post, today is one of those days that makes me so happy I have had the privilege of growing up in, and still have a home in, southern California.  I woke up early (by a college student’s summer standards) today, around 8:30, and headed over to Redondo Beach to enjoy some strawberry pancakes at the Original Pancake House.  I haven’t been there yet this summer, and I had almost forgotten just how much I love it until my friend Wyatt planned a breakfast meetup for today.

I got home and decided to swim some laps in my backyard while my mom was grocery shopping.  Recently, my family received a beautiful Bose speaker system that I have been using at every opportunity I get.  Today, that opportunity presented itself while I was swimming.  I got out of the pool, grabbed a peach (yup, I just had to buy another box from Trader Joe’s), turned on my iPhone, and shuffled through my “Artists” looking for something that could do justice to such a nice day. What did I come up with? Beach House! This duo’s dreamy, almost sedate riffs and lulling vocals perfectly capture the quiet, carefree joy one can only experience while alone in a sunny socal backyard. Which is funny because Beach House is from Maryland. But I’m sure they know the feeling I’m talking about.

Now, I’m killing time, waiting to start a batch of baked mac & cheese (recipe & post to follow!)  that I’m taking to a friend’s barbecue tonight. Could it feel any more like summer?

Don’t think so.

Real Love by Beach House


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