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We’re back in Manila, once again; we got in yesterday. Vietnam was a really fun and interesting experience; it’s definitely a place I want to revisit. Everything’s so cheap and the food is really delicious. The weather is…bearable.All said, Brianne, Josh, and I had about 6-7 bowls of pho each on a trip that lasted just 5 days. I would call that pretty productive.

As good and abundant as the pho was though, we collectively decided it would be in everyone’s best interest to try other foods as well. Like in most countries outside of the US, food vendors line the streets of Vietnam (I guess they have that in the US too, if you count hotdog and taco carts). Everything smelled really good as we walked by, but to save us all the seemingly imminent bout of diarrhea we all would have gotten if we stopped at these little places, we took a trip to a restaurant called Nha Hang Ngon instead.

This restaurant is beautiful, and while heavily catered to tourists, pretty delicious and still reasonable. The whole meal ended up being about $6/person. The idea behind the restaurant is to supply a large selection of what you would find on the streets, but in a sanitary, French colonial, indoor setting.

The following list doesn’t have all the dishes we ate on it, but these are most of them:

The picture above is fried rice in a clay pot, which I thought tasted pretty standard.

beef salad, my personal favorite, filled with onions, a sweet and sour sauce, and tons of herbs

spring rolls filled with dried shrimp; everyone agreed that these tasted a little weird

grilled squid; really really well-cooked, and delicious

This crab arrived at our table whole, was taken apart and broken to pieces in front of us, and reassembled. Can you see the difference? Also very good.

ice cream in a young coconut with tropical fruit; This wasn’t actually served at the restaurant–we stopped at a ice cream shop on the way home.

In terms of non-food adventures, we visited the Cu Chi tunnels which were really cool and went on a city tour (also very interesting). We also spent a lot of time haggling at local markets, which was hot and stressful, but we found some cool stuff.

We head off to Boracay on Tuesday which means ZORBING! I’ll definitely update on that.


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