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We leave the Philippines and head back to LA on Tuesday. It’s pretty cool because we arrive in LA at almost exactly the same time we leave Manila.

We got back Friday from Boracay, a resort island a short plane and boat ride away that could be seen as something like the Hawaii of the Philippines. Despite the rain on the first day, Boracay’s white sand beaches were still beautiful and surreal. It was actually nice having a little bit of rain because it meant we missed the typhoon in Manila that apparently caused blackouts all over the city.

My hosts tell me Boracay was much less inhabited, even just 5 years ago, and that there used to be long strips of public beach. Those days are no longer. Like Hawaii, the beach is now filled with resorts, each almost touching the next. Still, it has a less touristy feel than somewhere like Hawaii, for the time being at least, and there are a lot of really cool things to do there. Like zorbing, for instance:

And when we werent sipping on mango shakes and mojitos in a cabana overlooking the beautiful turquoise waters, we were snorkeling, ATVing, and swimming in the perfectly clear ocean. One night, we headed over to a local market that houses a large fish market.

We were told that we could pick the fresh, and mostly live, seafood that we wanted and that many of the restaurants within the market would cook it for us, however we wanted. We didn’t end up eating the lobster above, but instead had a feast of clams, razor clams, raw oysters, red snapper sinagang, garlic sauteed prawns, and broiled fish.

It was amazing, and begged the question why more restaurants don’t do this kind of thing. It’s so simple, yet so uncommon: YOU bring the ingredients to the restaurant. I guess in America this process wouldn’t really work out too well because the average restaurant is home to chefs who are only trained to cook about 20 things.

I guess it’s better this way, so when the rare opportunity to eat like this arises again, it’ll still feel special.

I’m pretty excited to be coming home after such a long trip. Socal weather will be a welcomed relief and it’ll be nice to get some California food (& In-N-Out) in my stomach!


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