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Today was a very busy day. I went through with my plan of doing the cupcake trials–a battle between two of my favorite cupcake recipes. Black & white’s vs. strawberry vanillas.

I started this all because I thought I was too bored and needed to bake more, but after today, I realize that you can never be too bored. I think this whole idea was a little bit over-zealous, but in the end, it made some of my friends pretty happy (I think), so it was arguably worth it.

I started out at about 10:30 this morning and proceeded to bake two batches of cupcakes and whip up two very different frosting recipes. Doing dishes in between each item was probably the most annoying part…I should look into hiring a dishwasher that will work for food. All in all, the baking and frosting ended at about 2:00. Then it was time for delivery…

I ended up taking the cakes to five of my friends’ houses total, and tested these babies on 13 judges ranging from my friend’s two year-old niece to his twenty-something-year-old sister.

Obviously it wasn’t a completely fair match; some people like vanilla more than chocolate, no matter how bad the vanilla tastes, and vice versa. But my friends all sounded pretty confident in their critiques of my cupcakes and what elements of each they thought shined.

Personally, I would have to give the initial appearance card to the black & whites. They also win the title of being ‘easiest to transport,’ as the frosting held up much better in my car than its strawberry counterpart. The frosting was an interesting one…I’ll probably do another post dedicated specifically to the chocolate cupcakes, since the vanilla ones got their own.

The breakdown of the judges’ decisions looked something like this:

(one of the judges couldn’t make up his mind…)

I didn’t actually realize how close the score was until now, probably because those on the strawberry side were a lot more adamant about their choice, and that should count for something, right?

In the end, I think strawberry was the crowd-pleaser, validifying the title I put on that post as “Best Cupcakes Ever?”.

And ultimately, I realize that I should never do something this stupid and time consuming every again.


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