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I don’t think I can post much longer. It was fun while it lasted though.
I made these a loooooong time ago, like almost a year ago. It was last summer and I was craving some coconut. and lime. and sugar cookies.

Then I found this recipe. They were really tasty, but might be even tastier with some cream of tartar added to em. Cream of tartar makes cookies softer/chewier and keeps them that way for longer. And everybody knows that chewy cookies are the best kind.

I also have a problem where I will inevitably burn the first batch of coconut I try to toast in the oven. Don’t be like me and waste all that deliciousness. Check up on your coconut often.

I think when I get back to Berkeley after visiting Iceland in a couple of weeks, I will start making more cookies again. And bread. Lots of bread.

Also, three cups of coffee in three days. What am I doing to myself? Stupid finals.

Lastly: happy mothers’ day to all the mommas out there.  Mine’s obviously the best, but I think there are some other good ones out there too.  I don’t know what I would be without my mom’s sense of righteousness, sharp wit, and extreme sarcasm. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but these are a couple of my favorite qualities that I definitely inherited from her.

Also, happy mother’s day to Auntie Fran! She was like my second mom, and heavily fueled my love of food over the past 7 years or so.  Heck, she was like everyone’s second mom. We all miss you so much!

Sorry for the choppy nature of this post. Blame the coffee.


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