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I’m currently sitting in front of the computer, blogging at 1 AM happily eating straight from a pint of Haagen-Dazs Five strawberry ice cream. Even though it tastes even awesomer than usual because they were selling it at Trader Joe’s (weird?) for $2 (weirder??) , it’s rather disgusting to think I can be eating right now considering my epic food day…and weekend.You see, I finally finished my second year of college on Thursday. Whooooopie! And even though it really doesn’t make me that excited, and even though it feels like we just got off for WINTER break because of this weird cold spell that’s hit Berkeley, my friends and I have been celebrating all weekend. A bunch of my closest friends are graduating seniors, which makes me pretty sad because I won’t see them as often, but pretty happy for them. They’re real people now! It’s pretty crazy to think that two years of my undergraduate education have already passed…and that the next two years will probably go even quicker. With a big chunk of my friends leaving to enter the workforce and go to grad school and do amazing things, hopefully I’ll be able to make new friends and explore more of what Berkeley has to offer outside of my immediate friend-group.

Back to the eating part of my weekend–yesterday was general commencement and Gina and I woke up bright and early and lined up almost half a mile away from the stadium where graduation was being held to support our friends. The ceremony wasn’t terribly interesting (except for the part where a paralyzed senior got a chance to test out an awesome new device called the exoskeleton (?) and was able to walk with his peers) and ran long, but afterward, we all headed over to I-House where the boys’ moms had set up a luncheon. I made the strawberry lemonade cupcakes I mentioned in Gina’s post, but only in mini form, and people seemed to enjoy them.

me & some of my graduating friends

The lunch was catered and i had my fair share of dolmas, butternut squash ravioli, chicken piccata, chocolate covered strawberries, and delicious berry lemon cake from a nearby bakery (I think it’s called Adeline’s?).

We finished eating at around 3:30 and I thought I would never be able to eat again (ha.), but at around 5:30, Brandt informed me that we would be eating fried chicken courtesy of our friend Raymond. And, while generally Brandt & I are the chefs, Raymond took complete control of the kitchen and despite our initial reservations, his chicken came out really really good. Like, really good. I supplied the veggies & rice and we had a full delicious meal.

This morning I woke up and made waffles to use up the rest of my buttermilk. At breakfast, Rachel was flipping through my recipe book and came across my “Pizza Dough” recipe. “WHEN DO YOU MAKE PIZZA?!” she asked. I told her I make it fairly often, and asked if she and Emma would like me to make it for dinner. They agreed and we went on a grocery trip together. Which is where I bought my awesome Haagen-Dazs find.

In between shopping and pizza, I decided to make mini chocolate chip muffins to use up some extra bananas that Mike left behind. They came out pretty well–I used mini chocolate chips and greek yogurt in this recipe.

As for the pizzas, we made 3. A few of my friends insisted we make an egg pizza, which I had never had before. We cracked the eggs on top of the cheese before we put it in the oven, and topped it off with fresh arugula once it came out. I think next time we’ll crack the eggs on about 15 minutes before we pull the pizzas out of the oven, but we didn’t want to risk it this first time. It tasted really great, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t already tried it (or even those who have). Eggs? Pizza? Two of my favorite things in one!

We also made a sausage & kale pizza, and a veggie one. All three were good, but the egg & sausage ones were definitely the best.

And now, here I am, digging away at this pint of ice cream because I forgot I’m leaving for LA tomorrow and it will probably not be very good when I come back. I’m super excited for Iceland, and pretty intrigued at what the food will be like. I anticipate lots and lots of salty herring. I’m not sure if this pleases me or not haha.

Lastly, I found out last night that I got a B in my electrical engineering class–a class I was actually pretty sure I was going to fail. I really hate the fact that all my classes are scaled simply for the fact that I never have the slightest idea what my grade will be until it actually comes out. It’s definitely not good for my nerves/heart. But the point is YAY! DIDN’T FAIL AND ACTUALLY DID QUITE WELL (by my standards)!!

Helloooooooooo winter–err, i mean summer–break! Summer school in 3 weeks…..


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