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That’s the reaction I’ve been getting from everybody about my upcoming family trip. That, and “Iceland–it’s greener than Greenland, right?”

I mean, truthfully, until I found out I was potentially going here (it was a stiff competition between Iceland & Barcelona), that’s all I really “knew” about it too. But boy, am I annoyed of that question now.

After doing my research, I’m now super stoked for this vacation: glaciers, geothermal hot springs, volcanic activity, and beautiful, storybook scenery are all going to be awesome photo subjects. Can’t wait to borrow my brother’s new wide angle lens. I was looking into the Tokina 11-16mm myself, but I realized I just didn’t have an extra $650 lying around…Someday though.

We leave bright and early tomorrow morning for Seattle before heading out to Iceland. We’re doing a self-led driving tour of the major cities, so hopefully we get to hit all the major sights. I’m a little bit worried about ALL that time spent in such close proximity to my family members, but I’m still really excited.

I’m most worried about the language barrier–Icelandic has a reputation for being the most difficult language in the world. This could translate (pun intended) poorly for my dad, who will have to navigate the roads & signs. I’ve also been trying to create a plan for restaurants and such, but it’s difficult when all the words look the same to me. I’ve never seen so many uninterrupted consonants before!

Ah well, can’t wait to see the places that shaped and inspired artists like Bjork & Jonsi! And break in my brand new hiking boots! Should be great fun. I will try to blog a few times throughout.


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