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I have a dynamics midterm tomorrow. Cue first post in weeks.

I’ve been busy with lots of things, including a new job which takes up a lot of my spare time because I’m a teacher. An English teacher (ironic?). And I have to grade essays—a lot of essays.

Anyway, I was brainstorming meals for this week yesterday, when I decided to try something new, something I’ve always felt is my kryptonite “in the kitchen.” I use quotes here because, as you have guessed from the title of the post already, my kryptonite is not in the kitchen at all, but on the back patio. The grill.

I’ve always had this irrational fear of burning myself, which has led to my aversion to tea and other hot liquids, as well as an avoidance of the grill.

All that changed today though. I decided to grill up a tri tip, one of my favorite cheaper cuts of beef. It was a pretty bold move and I started panicking a little bit in class this evening when I realized I could potentially ruin one of my favorites. Failing at this first attempt would probably have put an indefinite cap on my grilling career, but whaddya know? It came out alright. Actually, it came out slightly better than alright; it was pretty good!

Observe: nice char marks on the exterior and the ideal (or MY ideal at least) amount of pinkness inside. I couldn’t have hoped for better.

Served this baby up in slices with a baked potato and grilled corn on the cob (which Nick & Andy abruptly cut off the cob, lame.).

Now I feel like going to sleep. I have a bad feeling about this midterm.


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