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I’m at home in southern California right now, and it finally feels like summer.  It’s been a consistent 80 degrees outside and sunny, and with the same lack of air conditioning that all houses from my house’s era have, even at 1 AM it’s almost uncomfortably warm.  But it’s an uncomfortable warmness that reminds me so much of growing up here as opposed to say, Berkeley, where it’s been 60-65 degrees throughout the summer.

I just looked through my camera and realized that I’ve made a TON of things over these last few summer months, but posted just a fraction of them.  So, I will attempt to work through them this week.  First up: a picture post on how to make a lovely mango, cucumber, & mint wine cooler/sangria drink that Rachel found online.  Hopefully you can find a time in these last couple summer weeks to enjoy this refreshing cocktail.


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