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I love beets.

They’re my current obsession. Beets and hash. So today, I made beet and beet green hash.  It utilizes all the delicious parts of the lovely heart-shaped, blood colored root veggie…what more could you ask for on valentine’s day?

To be honest, I think Valentine’s day deserves a big fat MERR. But as an American, every year I still find myself partially buying into it all, whether it’s buying a bag of heart shaped chocolates to share with my friends or making a perfectly magenta dinner for one, I can’t help but feel like it’s at least a half-holiday.

So in that mindset, I spent way too much time on this recipe from the NY Times.  It’s really pretty simple, but super time consuming and it requires about 10 dishes. 10 dishes, mind you, that will all be stained pink at the end of your delicious endeavors. So this is not for the faint of heart (HA I’m punny), but it’s really pretty delicious.  Even Arya (a self proclaimed beet unenthusiast) took a bite and said it was “bomb” or something along those lines.  I’ll take it. Oh, and the poached egg on top? It’s not optional.

Seasoned with thyme, I added a little cayenne to kick things up a notch because I believe very few things could not use spice.  Anyway friends, as I struggle to finish my spetrometry lab and phase transformation diagrams, I’ll leave you with a cheerful ‘happy valentine’s day’…I guess.


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