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I hope this is in my near future.

I literally just booked my flight to Lyon on May 14th! I’m staying with Brianne in Lyon for a week or so. We’re planning on going to a music festival there that starts on the 16th and maybe taking a road trip to Normandie.  From there, we’re going to Berlin for a few days, after which I will reach my final destination of Italy! For 4-5 weeks.

In my rush to book my flight, I got dates mixed up and ended up booking a shorter trip than I had originally planned (woops!).  I had wanted to stay on a farm for around 6 weeks…but I think 4-5 weeks will do just fine.

I’m so incredibly excited! Now all I have to do is sift through around 700 farm descriptions and email around 30 of my favorites.  Then I get to patiently wait to hear back from one that’s willing to host me.  Ahhh! This excitement almost makes the prospect of writing 4 lab reports this weekend bearable.  Almost.


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