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So I made my decision, which we all saw coming. I went with the gorgeous estate tucked in the rolling, vine-covered hills of Tuscany.  Casa Raia.

From the research I’ve done thus far (which, to be honest, isn’t much), I know the vineyard/olive oil producing farm is owned by a Canadian-Italian couple with two children.  I’ve got to be honest for a second—I’ve had baby fever for quite some time now.  I don’t mean that in the sense that I want to have kids any time soon OBVIOUSLY, but I love playing with babies! They’re so fun and cute and what’s not to like?

Speaking of babies…my cousin Joyce just had a baby girl which she named Sydney on Thursday! I’m an auntie for the first time ever! Joyce is the first of any of my cousins to have a kid, so it’s a pretty big deal in my family and I can’t wait to see her. Darn them for living in Toronto, though, and not California.

But where was I? Oh ya, CASA RAIA. So basically it’s everything I had hoped for when I decided I wanted to WWOOF in Italy and more. Wine, olive oil, babysitting, my own room (and queen sized bed…), all under the Tuscan sun.  This sounds WAY better than my normal life, so if I don’t come back, don’t be surprised.

I’m waiting to hear back from the owners right now, but they already offered me their WWOOFer room.  They’ve also mentioned that I’ll be helping them with a move to a new house mid-June. I’m not sure why they’re moving or where, but I’ve deduced that they’re probably moving into a different house on or near the same farm so they can use their current house for agro-tourism, which is apparently all the rage right now.  This is all fine by me! I love seeing people’s houses, perhaps a side effect of having parents who are always on the search for a new property (though they raaaaaarely buy) and who took their youngest daughter to open houses frequently as a weekend activity.  So the more houses the better!

I’m also excited that Casa Raia is closer to general “stuff” than the other farm I was looking at.  It’s approximately halfway between Florence and Rome and not ALL that far from the ocean, so I can probably take a train for a weekend or two to visit other places.

If you still don’t understand my immense excitement, check out the farm’s website. (ok not sure why the link isn’t working…but just go to

Ya. Now you should get it.

Aside from all this WWOOF excitement, I’m also extremely stoked to see Brianne in Lyon, to go to Nuit Sonores, and to visit Cyrus in Berlin.

But first, I need to finish off this semester strong so I don’t feel bad about myself during my whole trip…

PS, can I just comment on how eerily similar Casa Raia looks to the random picture I googled and posted on February 23rd? It seriously might actually be Casa Raia….DESTINY!


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