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The past few days have been really awesome. I was kind of nervous at first because although I am a seasoned traveler (lol), this was actually my first time traveling internationally alone. Luckily, everything went smoothly in terms of travel, except for the fact that I will NEVER take Swiss Air again. It was like a nursing home, except with one annoying baby in front of me that wouldn’t stop screaming and there was only enough leg room for someone probably 3 inches shorter than me. Not very fun.

Got to Lyon, though, and after a 45 minute wait (-_____-) at the train station, got picked up by Brianne!!!! We both agreed it seems weird that we haven’t seen each other in a year…seems like she’s only been gone for a few months at most.

Anyway, life here so far has been really nice and calm for the most part. Baguettes and cheese galore, of course, and it’s really nice to be living in a real house with someone who knows the area well. I don’t know if I’ve ever actually stayed with someone at least somewhat “native” abroad yet, less my trip to New Zealand back when I was eight and we stayed on a farm..

The most exciting part of this leg of the trip, aside from just seeing Brianne, is NUIT SONORES! It’s a music festival in Lyon that’s not all that well known outside of the city but coincidentally had some really great artists playing that we’re really excited for. We already saw !!! and James Murphy on Wednesday along with an artist that we thought was James Holden (but was really some French DJ). Tonight: FlyLo, Busy P, Four Tet vs. Caribou, and more!!! Stoked, to say the least.

Brianne made me leave while I was blogging and now we’re getting ready for the show after having a delicious dinner of tartines (open faced sandwiches) and pate for dinner. Will post more pictures at a later time.

Excited to be going to sleep at like 8AM “tonight” :B


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