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Finally in Paris, but I’ll get back to that in a second.

The picture above basically represents everything that was great about the past few days and Lyon and Nuit Sonores. It was an amazing festival set in venues throughout Lyon, including stages that were free throughout the day like this one, called “aperos”. They’re basically pre-parties throughout the day. Awesome. But as you can see, everything was gorgeous. The two main venues that we were at were the nighttime venue, an old cement factory with a few rooms, and the daytime venue where we saw Modeselektor and Siriusmo, an old hospital with tons of cool courtyards and corridors. It was really awesome to see the beautiful old architecture juxtaposed with such a young environment, and especially electronic music. Overall, just really, really cool. And Brianne and I got kisses on the cheek from FlyLo because we told him we were from LA. Holla! It started pouring and hailing (the biggest hail I’ve ever seen in person) during Siruismo, but that only made it more fun. ¬†Four Tet and Caribou only did a DJ set, but we still had a good time of course.

In between all that, we went to the Combas exhibit at the contemporary art museum. Despite the fact that there was a little too much phallic influence, also an amazing exhibit. There was so much to see, including Combas himself, who has moved into the museum for the exhibit. There’s so much detail in all his work; you could honestly stare at one picture for a whole hour and keep discovering new things all the while.

Overall, Lyon was a really cool place and I’m glad I got to experience so many things in the short period that I was there. It was really awesome having Brianne as a tour guide and like I already said, Nuit Sonores was truly wonderful.

In regards to food (which I don’t seem to talk about much these days), here’s a picture of the tartine I mentioned before, along with bread, pate, and French pickles. The tartine was garlic with and anchovies. Our breath smelled great afterwards. I finally got a pan au chocolat (chocolate croissant) today as we were leaving Lyon, along with my last .90 baguette from Brianne’s corner bakery. Both were, of course, delicious and Brianne let me know that even disregarding the bakery’s close proximity to her house, it’s one of the better ones she’s been to during her stay in France. Last night we didn’t want to spend money (we’re waiting for the delicious and cheap kebab bounty that awaits us in Berlin) so we made purple cabbage sinagang, a nice change of pace. I needed some veggies in my diet, and it was nice to have Asian food one last time before I’ll probably have to do without it for 2 months.

Today, after picking up my baked goodies, we headed to the bus station and ended up north of Lyon to attempt to hitchhike to Paris. Yes, I know. What has Brianne done to me? Who in their right mind would do something so reckless? I don’t know what changed my mind about the whole thing, but I decided to go for it just this once. I mean, I’m only going to be in my irresponsible 20’s for so much longer, and everyone deserves to do one stupid traveling thing in their life, right? I needed something to tell my grandchildren, I guess, and as you can tell from the fact that I’m alive and blogging, I’m…well, alive and blogging!

We first got off at the wrong bus station (thanks Brianne) and walked around for a while, but it was getting really hot, so when someone honked at us and pulled over, we gladly accepted his offer. He was a nice guy, but I think wanted someone to talk to, so he ended up driving us to some peage entrance in the middle of nowhere with very little traffic. We waited about 45 minutes until a convertible passed by us, and then backed up a few minutes later to pick us up. Woo! Convertible! He took us to the peage, where we waited about half an hour before being picked up by a really nice man and his dog. He was a father of 3 just coming back from moving some stuff to his house in the south of France, and his dog was gorgeous and so nice, a lot like Salsa. He drove us all the way in to Paris and Brianne said it was “one of her least sketchy hitchhiking experiences ever”. Cool?

Point is, we’re in Paris now, and had really delicious crepes for dinner. We’re actually couch surfing right now as well, another crazy thing Brianne convinced me to do before I go back to being my boring, cautious self. Our host’s name is Antonio, and he’s really nice too. I don’t know if we’re just getting really lucky with all this stuff, but maybe Brianne’s onto something with all this frugal traveling. Or maybe that’s just the Oregon in her getting to me. I think I’ll let this be the first and last time I do either of these things again.

The crepes we got were from this really small place on a tiny cobblestone street, recommended by Antonio. All the other restaurants on the street were pretty much empty except for this one, which had a huge, 1-hour-long line. Ugh. But I guess it was sort of worth it. I got a greek crepe with feta, tomatoes, grilled eggplants, and all that goodness. In line, the couple behind us was talking about SEM’s or TEM’s and Berkeley engineering….weird. I chose not to enter into that conversation despite its extreme relevancy.

After getting crepes we got stuck in a huge, sudden thunderstorm. It had been really hot all day (around 80F), but I guess while we were in the restaurant the storm rolled in. So we’re crossing our fingers that the weather will improve tomorrow so we can picnic all day before getting on the night train to Berlin where I will finally meet up with Cyrus and Chris! I’m incredibly excited for my first trip to Berlin, to say the least, and to be taking a socially acceptable form of travel.


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