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Last weekend, I was boasting to my housemate Alexis about how I haven’t really gotten sick in the past year. No, I announced, i have the immune system of a horse and my diet and exercise regimen don’t leave time for me to get sick.

Two days later, I woke up with a killer sore throat which progressed into a super congested head-brain area.


So, partially inspired by Bon Appetit’s soup issue, and partially forced by my sudden ailment, I decided to declare this week soup week.

Soup really doesn’t get enough credit. I’m definitely guilty of scoffing at the hot, delicious, dunkable cure-all. But honestly, it’s incredibly filling, usually healthier for you than eating a bowl of plain old solid food, and it’s just super delicious/awesome most of the time. I often forget that soup is the other component to some of my favorite dishes of all time—soup noodles!

Anyway, after having to sit out half of my ballet class (yes, still taking ballet), and going on a shopping trip to Costco & Berkeley Bowl West, and stopping for a car wash, all with the surprisingly patient Tom, I headed home and started my first soup creation.

I decided to try to finish my Tuscan kale from the week before and chose to make a tomato, kale, and white bean soup. It resembles a minestrone in both taste and texture, but substitutes potatoes for pasta and tastes way better than the junk you get at Olive Garden (or wherever else). I roughly followed this recipe from the NY Times. I didn’t have the ingredients to go in the bouquet garni and sort of threw in things in the quantities I had them in, but everything turned out well. Plus, I added some chunks of the rotisserie chicken I got at Costco; how can you go wrong there? I forgot just how good those things are. The fresh-grated parmesan cheese on top has become a part of almost my daily life—one of the main things I took away from my stay in Italy.

If you don’t believe that this soup is good and hearty, then explain to me why I woke up on day 2 of soup week without my mystery sickness! That’s right, I’m fully cured (or so it seems)! Still, I’m continuing with my soup plan because I want to give soup its due respect.


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