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March and April have been busy months for me. I’ve been baking a lot due to the ungodly number of birthdays that have just passed in the last two weeks, but I’ve had no time to post about it, nor have I been terribly interested in documenting my cooking lately.

That’s probably partially because I’m very occupied these days. Not with schoolwork, as I mentioned in a previous post, but with…well…life. I’m well on my way to becoming a “real person,” as I call them, perhaps better known as “contributing members of society.” In fact, I’m only about a month away from graduating college, which is utterly mind boggling to me. As I approach May 19, my posts will likely get more and more nostalgic, so deal with it.It’s funny. Despite my initial intentions for this blog to be a “food and travel blog,” it’s really grown a special attachment for me to school and the past four years. I started it the summer after my first year of college, and it’s crazy to see how much has changed since then. Not only can I look back through the progress of my baking/cooking abilities (and quantities, in the case of sophomore year), but I can also remember some of those slightly “less exciting” events that have happened throughout my years as an undergrad. Sure, going to music festivals and celebrating holidays are great fun, but it’s nice to be able to look back at snapshots of seemingly less significant moments of my life.
So what is this ‘life’ that has been taking up all of my time, you ask? Well, in the course of about six weeks, I’ve gone through the toughest interview I’ve ever had, got the job, and accepted the offer, visited Palm Springs for Spring Break with a great group of new friends, celebrated approximately a bajillion birthdays (and found a great ‘new’ birthday recipe—banana cream pie), picked up a volunteer photography gig with Sprouts Cooking Club (which I’ll come back to), started writing for The Starving Critic, bought a roundtrip ticket for a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia, visited SLO (to see the Postal Service perform with Jenny Lewis) and Santa Barbara, and ate a ton along the way.
So back to Sprouts—it’s an awesome non-profit that organizes cooking classes for kids with real chefs. And when I say real, I mean they’re the kind of chefs that have me feeling starstruck every time I go to class. Granted, I am a huge food nerd, so a lot of people might not appreciate the types of people I get to meet at each class, but so far we’ve worked with the executive chef from Haven, the pastry chef from La Note, and a chef from Pizzaolo. All of these people could be considered local celebrities, if you ask me. Not only is it really cool to be in the presence of such great talents and to be able to chat with them (and bond over a love of Ina Garten in the case of Denise from La Note), but it’s awesome to hang out with kids again. Sometimes I forget how much I like ‘em and how funny/smart they can be. And dang, would have loooved to have had opportunities like this when I was their age.
Working with eight and nine-year-olds also has this way of constantly reminding me that I’m getting older. When they were guessing my name and age, they thought “Mildred” and “fifty” were appropriate answers. Sigh.
But anyway, I’m at a really great place in life, even if my wrinkles are starting to reveal themselves to everyone else. I’m anxious, of course (when am I not?), but in a good way. I can’t believe I’ll be setting off on another backpacking adventure in just a handful of weeks and then starting my first real, full-time job shortly thereafter.
Hear that? That’s the sound of time flying by.

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