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I’m actually in a state of shock right now realizing how close graduation is. How?! Why?!
Ugh. I don’t think it’s fair that college is set up such that you have the most fun and realize how amazing it is right before you have to leave it. Or maybe that’s my fault for stacking my classes the first three years of school…
Regardless, I’m really happy I made that choice because this year has been incredible (and it’s not over yet!). I’m also kind of sad, experiencing some FOMO because I realize there are a ton of things I probably missed while I was studying and working for the past two years.But that’s all probably adding to my level of enjoyment this semester. I’m making up for my boring-ness with a vengeance I think. And part of that has been baking and cooking for other people as much as possible.Over spring break I went to Palm Springs and on the last night the group I was with decided to play hot seat. One question that stuck out to me was “What makes you really happy?”

Simple enough question, but when I thought about it, I thought about what REALLY made me happy. The first thing that came to mind was something I sort of touched on in my first blog post, and that was seeing people derive enjoyment from something that I’ve created.

I imagine it’s a very similar feeling that artists get when they see people enjoying their artwork in a gallery. That’s how I feel when I see someone’s eyes get big or when a smile spreads across their face after their first bite of whatever I’ve thrown together that day. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside, which my friends will attest is probably a pretty rare thing.

Anyway, I was getting sort of tired of eating really fatty baked things even though they taste really awesome. Since I’ve been baking in such high volumes, and since there were so many birthdays this past month, I decided to take a step back and make something healthier. I came across this recipe for morning glory muffins, which are apparently a thing but I’d never heard of them before.

At first glance the recipe reminded me of the carrot & pineapple cupcakes I had just made with the kids in Sprouts, but these are even healthier and more chock full o’ good stuff: whole wheat flour, zucchini, coconut, pecans, carrots, pineapple, apple, and apple sauce as a partial replacement for oil.  I reduced the sugar to about 3/4 cup and next time I’ll probably skip the all purpose flour and just use all whole wheat. I also didn’t use sweetened coconut because that stuff’s loaded with sugar and instead used unsweetened flakes, which were a little big so I gave them a quick chop before tossing them in the batter.

They ended up tasting great and I distributed them to some friends the night I baked them so they’d all have a breakfast that was hopefully a nice change of pace for them. I’ve realized that waking up to fresh baked goods is awesome but that a lot of people don’t get to experience it very often (myself included because it’s a lot of work).

These are easy enough to make the night before; the hardest part is grating all the veggies. I made half with pecans and half without because I know people are weird about nuts but I thin the general consensus was that they tasted better with.

Well, I guess that even though I’m pretty bummed school is so close to being done I should be grateful that the weather here has been FREAKING AMAZING for the past week. And supposedly it’s going to continue to be this way at least for the next week. I can’t really ask for more right now. Except maybe a few more weeks of school (never thought I’d say that…).


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