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A part of me feels like this post should be about readjusting to life at home but I realized how silly that is because I’ve been coming home all throughout college and honestly I haven’t accepted that it’s over yet. I’m sure it will hit me at some point; Nick said it didn’t happen for him until August when he should’ve been returning to school but wasn’t two years ago when he graduated. Sounds about right. And a little horrible.

Since I got back last night, though, I’ve been far more concerned with detoxing after all the food and beer I’ve consumed over the past three weeks. The whole “this is my last chance to ever eat/drink ______” mentality is incredibly dangerous and ruled my eating habits and wallet in my last days in Berkeley. Fries from Oscars after a Monkeyhead, bowls of greasy noodles at Spices 3 post Beer Rev, and pork laden tapas at District with old coworkers over yet another point of beer (just to make a fraction of my meals) all left me feeling sorta… greasy and bloated.

That’s why today I miraculously passed on the aloha royal and loco moco I love so much at TNT in favor of the cold saimin. To be honest, not eating at TNT at all would have probably been the smartest choice, but I’m only human.

To make up for the half of a spam musubi that I snuck at lunch, I decided to make a healthy dinner for my mom and brother. Thanks to the magical TV now available to me, I was inspired by Nigella Lawson, my second favorite homemaker (after Ina of course). She made a spiced rice with salmon dish, seasoned with cumin, coriander, tumeric, and lime, some of my favorite flavors. Apparently this dish, kedgeree, is a take on as common British brunch dish, which was originally inspired by an Indian dish. Who knew?  This dish was one of my biggest revelations since I found out what shakshuka is. Rice, fish, spices, and eggs to boot? How could it not satisfy me? And more importantly how could it make me feel fat and gross?


I subbed out the regular white basmati for brown and the poaching of the fish not only made it tender and most but very healthy too. With blanched haricot vertes on the side and elderberry soda to wash it all down, I almost forgot my culinary hedonism for a bit. Almost.

On another note this post was actually sort of a test. You see, this entire thing was done from my lil nexus tablet, including the photo uploading and editing. This means that contrary to what I originally thought, I will be able to post in Asia!! Wooooo!!  Don’t expect any award winning posts or photos though because I can only do so much on a 7″ screen. And with that, my finger is tired. More about Asia to come!


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