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I’m currently taking a mid-afternoon A/C break in Tresor Tavern Hostel in Singapore, something I’ve learned is pretty necessary on this side of the world after years of visiting Asian countries. But this trip is much different than those I’ve taken in the past. This trip will last six weeks and will wind through seven countries. I’m backpacking like my trip to Europe last year but unlike that adventure, this time I’m joined by a group of friends, six of us in total.

I started mentally planning this trip last summer while still in Italy, fantasizing about returning to Bali and rectifying my cancelled trip to Thailand while pruning the vines. I didn’t know who I’d be going with but after many iterations of grouping, I’m super happy with the six who ended up coming. There are only five of us for now and throughout the trip we break off into smaller groups and recombine. Our route is as follows: Singapore; Bali, Indonesia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Phuket, Thailand; Bangkok, Thailand; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Hanoi, Vietnam; Luang Prabang, Laos; Chiang Mai, Thailand; Ipoh, Malaysia; and then finally back to Singapore to catch our flight to LAX.

The flight in wasn’t bad, but we had a 10 hour layover in Taipei. The uncomfortable sleeping situation (complete with screaming children) was forgiven when we got to wake up to a 6 AM bowl of beef noodle soup. Pure joy.


Yesterday we didn’t do too much besides exploring Little India and feasting on really good Indian food, including fish head curry, which is a big deal here, I guess, and which was really tasty and a little sour, which I didn’t expect but really enjoyed. We were sort of ripped off at the place we went (they charged us for most towelettes and tap water) but we had more than enough food so we just accepted it.

So far we’ve mostly tried to get our sleep cycles in sync with the time zone, and pretty successfully, I might add, except for the small roadblock of a very loudly snoring roommate all night. Annie and I were pretty disappointed that it wasn’t Marc or Tom because it left us powerless to resolve the problem.

But we all rallied and got up about 9 before eating breakfast at the hostel and then going to Mt. Faber park. Annie and Eric took the gondola up, but the rest of us walked in an effort to be less fat (my mom made us weigh ourselves before we left). We walked around and explored the Henderson Waves bridge, which was pretty awesome, but needed a break after all the sweating we did on our little trek. So, we stopped at 313@somerset, a mall, and grabbed lunch before heading back to wear we are now.

I actually like it here way more than I expected. I was looking at Singapore more as a pit stop on the way to our other destinations, but it’s a great place in its own right. The mix of Malay, Indian, Chinese, Filipino, and western cultures is prominent everywhere, including the faces we’ve seen on MRT, the subway system. People watching is definitely a worthwhile activity here, as is browsing the many, MANY restaurants offering all kinds of fare. It’s pretty cool.


Tonight, we visit a food court, one of Singapore’s prominent culinary features, and the thing I’m most excited about. Chili crab? Yes, please.


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