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After a longer-than-expected travel day yesterday, we arrived in Kuta, Bali and headed to Ubud this morning. We’re staying at a B&B called Jati Homestay, which has been really great so far because we have our own rooms/bathrooms and decks overlooking Bali’s distinctive and beautiful foliage. The privacy is enough if an upgrade from hostel life (and the constant snoring that comes with it) that I’m willing to overlook the lack of air conditioning. Plus, its cooler up here in the hills so the A/C isn’t all that necessary.

We finished up our trip to Singapore with a visit to the Gardens by the Bay while Marc streamed the USA vs. Jamaica game at an internet cafe. We didn’t have time to go to the conservatories so we made do by walking around the suspended walkway of the ‘super trees’. Regardless, the gardens were amazingly well kempt and intricate, so we didn’t feel completely cheated. The view from the super trees was amazing and add an added bonus we got to walk through the Sands to catch a cab. That hotel is really incredible. Then we ate lunch at a Chinese place that looked like a local favorite and I got to demonstrate my amazing lack of Chinese-speaking abilities. Sort of embarrassing but totally expected. Thanks mom & dad.



We got on our delayed flight to Denpasar and stayed the night at a hostel in Kuta which was a nice change of pace because there were more people our age and we were able to exchange stories late into the night.

But the sweating had been relentless. Like, it never stops, even here in cooler Ubud. And we didn’t have A/C in our open-air, 15-person bedroom. So we sprayed ourselves down with bug repellent before hitting the hay.

This morning we arrived in one of my favorite places I’ve visited (so much so that I was more than willing to devote a few days of our short trip to somewhere I’ve already been). Annie and Marc headed to the hostel to rest after our lunch of suckling pig at Babi Guling but Eric, Tom and I ventured onward and made a loop around the central part of the village.


Tomorrow is Marc’s birthday and we’re hoping to go on a sunrise volcano hike at 2AM. Hopefully everyone comes back in one piece so we can make it to get massages afterward.


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