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In the past three days, I took a total of one photo (seen above) on my DSLR. This is fairly indicative of how our days spent in South Kuta went.

But first let me recap the rest of our adventure packed time spent in Ubud. I forgot to mention the restaurant we ate lunch at on our tour of the temples. It had an unreal view of a huge field of rice paddy terraces. The food was by far trumped by its backdrop, one of my favorites thus far.


On our last morning I made a solo trip to the local food market at 7:15 AM because Tom bailed on me (citing a need to pack and then promptly falling back asleep). I’m glad I made the short journey though because it was unlike anything we’d yet seen in Ubud or elsewhere. Hundreds of vendors lining the streets and actual market place, hawking every type of fish, cracker, fruit, veggie, and craft you could imagine. I walked away with a bag of my favorite Indonesian fruit–salak– and some shrimp crackers, artfully formed in a manner reminiscent of american funnel cakes.



I’d like to just mention that it’s a small miracle none of us fell through the sidewalk during our stay in Ubud.


But back to Kuta. Since we were far from a lot of the main thoroughfare, we rented motorbikes one day and scooted to Jimbaran beach, after a slightly frantic debate about what the safest driver/passenger arrangements would be (it ended up being Tom/Annie, Eric/our guide, and me & Marc each solo, for those interested). We body surfed, boogie boarded, and filled up on $1 glass bottles of Coke, $2 plates of mie goreng, nasi goreng, and French fries all day, not unlike the previous day spent at Balangan beach. After Jimbaran, though, we had a fish BBQ at the villa, complete with an overflowing plate of fried calamari, snapper, mahi mahi, and Indonesian curried veggies. We feasted.

The next day, we feasted again. This time, we took a stressful cab ride to Nusa Dua via downtown Kuta thanks to a miscommunication. We ended up at our destination of The Mulia Cafe at The Mulia Resort an hour late but were greeted by the most beautiful buffet ever. I thought our host was exaggerating when he said it put the Bellagio to shame, but he wasn’t. Not even a little. Individual rooms/stations for dessert, sushi, Chinese, western, Thai (hand pulled egg noodles!!), and Indonesian food, all fresh and with amazing service. Most of us gorged on 5 servings of dessert alone.

We overstayed our welcome after our gluttonous lunch by crashing the absolutely stunning Ocean Pool for a couple of hours before returning home to watch a half Chinese dubbed version of Iron Man 3.

And even though it was raining this morning, we took one last trip to Balangan Beach and watched the now much larger and more aggressive waves satisfy the surfers, many of whom no doubt made the trip to Bali just to surf at this beach.


Tonight we arrive in Kuala Lumpur and are staying at a place called b the Reggae Mansion. Marc booked this one. Back to the city for a bit before we explore the beaches of Thailand.


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