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Ever since Rachel helped me move into my new house in SF a month ago, we’ve been talking about going to the Boiling Crab in San Jose. I’ve been to a handful of the restaurants a handful of times, but she’d never experienced the joy that is dousing an insane amount of seafood in a spicy butter sauce and getting it all over your face–until today, that is.
You see, since getting back from Asia, I’ve been pretty busy. Within 2 weeks of getting back, I had found a new place to live, driven up and down the California coast several times, moved across the Bay, started a new job, and begun a new lifestyle. I don’t mean that in a dramatic way, but I do think this is a fairly significant turning point in my life. I’m “out there” “on my own” now, whatever those things mean.To me, so far they mean budgeting meticulously, using time wisely, and trimming the fat after figuring out what I need/don’t need.I’ve sold off one of my favorite ol’ lenses to make a couple of bucks and am planning on selling my hair too. Before you close this post and walk away thinking about what a nut job I’ve become, just know that selling your hair can rake in big bucks (up to $1000!!) and I was getting antsy to part with it anyway. Might be another month or longer before I find a buyer and go through with the cut though, so we’ll see if I have a change of heart.

Anyway back to today. I’ve had what seems like a visitor every single weekend since I’ve moved into this house (which is awesome and brand spankin’ new, by the way), so it doesn’t seem like I have too much time to rest, even when I’m not at work. On top of that, I just started my law school apps today, so I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment.

But instead of hiding away like the hermit that I truly am, I somehow planned with Rachel to cook a Boiling Crab-esque feast. Somehow that plan ended up including 5 more of our friends. Somehow I ended up buying 8 pounds of shrimp (basically cleaning out a whole section at the seafood counter). Somehow, we made a really awesome seafood boil that tasted almost like the “Whole Shebang.” And somehow, we ended up finishing just about everything.

So I didn’t get the relaxing weekend I’d been hoping for, but we had a relaxing and pretty grown-up (if you ask me) meal. It was topped off by a peach cobbler—I’ve been snatching up peaches every chance I get since the season is winding down—and a swollen eyelid.


Huh? Ya, over the course of dinner, I somehow ended up with a gigantic left eyelid. Maybe it’s a stye, maybe it’s an allergic reaction (though I don’t have allergies), whatever it is, I’m going to try to sleep it off so I can stop looking like Quasimodo. It’s not very becoming.

Onward, I hope real life is a little bit more relaxing than it has been, but I do realize that things could definitely be worse than always having too much to do.


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