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I feel like I’m settling into this “real life” thing pretty well judging from the fact that I am having trouble thinking of things to write in this post. Or maybe that just means that my fears as of late are accurate, and I’ve aged roughly forty years in the past six weeks.

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I’m headed back to LA today for spring break, almost 2/3 of the way through this semester already. Holy cow these past few months just flew by.

So while I realize I’m not quite done yet. I also realize that this means my WWOOFing trip in Italy is getting ever closer.Some touch decisions need to be made this weekend about where I’m staying.

While many WWOOFers choose to stay on several farms over the course of a couple months, I definitely want to be on one farm for my 5 weeks. I want to truly absorb a single lifestyle. I’m currently choosing between Casa Raia, a gorgeous estate that produces wine and olive oil in Siena, and Campolisio, a farm on a southern peninsula of Italy just 2 km from the mediterranean.  It’s just over the sea from my buddy Greece….ya, seriously.

So I’m choosing between 2 luxuries–Casa Raia is, like I said, GORGEOUS.  It has great accommodations so I wouldn’t really be roughing it like I thought I might. And the owners have 2 small children that I would get to play with. WOO! Campolisio is, like I said, right next to the ocean which means I would be there every weekend and afternoon.  I’d be living in a caravan (trailer) though, so it would be a little bit less luxurious in that regard.  The area is also definitely not what I had in mind when I decided I wanted to visit an Italian farm; it doesn’t sit in the rolling hills of vineyards the way Casa Raia does. But it’s next to the ocean….It also specializes in producing fresh breads, pizzas, and pastas. I think I just died a little.

But like I said, I think it might come down to the vision I had back in December when I decided I wanted to do this. Rolling hills of vines and olives, making olive oil and wine! And Casa Raia is closer to Florence and Rome, and just “stuff” in general because Campolisio is fairly remote.

I still have some thinking to do but it seems like my decision is already pretty much made……..

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