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Hello, there. Long time no see.I mean that from the blogging perspective but probably also in real life if you know me personally. I’ve been sort of a hermit the past few months, getting really into knitting and other hermit-like hobbies.

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First off—this is my 100th post! Seems fitting that it should be devoted to the most food-centric day of the year. ┬áHere goes:
So after many mini Thanksgivings, the real thing finally happened this past weekend. I started cooking on Wednesday because I prepared a pretty ambitious menu, thanks to lots of inspiring articles and photos from Bon Appetit magazine (which I’m currently obsessed with, by the way).

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Last night was night two of my epic weeklong Thanksgiving gorge. Rachel & her housemates Jill, Toni, and Hilary crafted a very classy feast, and dinner was served by candlelight. The dinner was a lot more intimate than the first because not only were we in a much smaller venue, but I was also enjoying my meal with a lot of close friends.

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You may remember last year when I recapped a ridiculously amazing pre-Thanksgiving feast I attended at Brandt’s house. Well, I was lucky enough to have been invited back this year and am now contently lying on my bed, overstuffed in the best way possible.

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